Rent a table

Rent a table ($15/hour)

From: $15.00

Description: In the heart of Brighton Beach, Dynamo Table Tennis is here for all your table tennis needs. Dynamo Table Tennis Club was founded by Oleg Zalesskiy in September 1998. ​ The renown coach from Ukraine moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1992, and opened his club. It became a well known hub for table tennis players. Oleg has coached both young kids and experienced adults for more than 20 years. He was a Head Coach of Ukrainian team from 1987-1991. His dedication through coaching and operating the club has made him as a well known table tennis expert across the tri-state area. ​ In 2019, Oleg retired and moved to Florida. ​ Then after, the club moved to a new location - one that is spacious and well-lit - suited for table tennis players needs. The club has high ceilings, six remote controlled air conditioners, five private parking spaces, and top-notch table tennis equipment. ​ ​ Recreational players are welcome, especially who want to learn how to play table tennis better. In addition, the club has coaches for all budgets as well as all types of rackets and supplies.

No. of Tables: 6

Max Capacity: 40

Ceiling Height: 11

Square Footage: 2430

Special Message: The club currently closed for Jewish Holidays; Reopen Sunday October 3

Business Hours:

Regular schedule: Sundays 10am-2pm Mon, Wed, Thu 6pm-10pm Tuesday 6pm-8pm; 8pm-11pm league tournament Friday, Saturday- closed.


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