About Pongspace

We love table tennis! It’s a sport that brings people together no matter age, height, weight, gender, race and social or economic backgrounds. It’s a game where it’s not uncommon to see a tiny kid beat the heck out of a strong adult. What other sport levels the playing field so much? It’s also a game with great physical and social benefits – building stronger bodies and better friendships.

Our founders have been competing and organizing table tennis events for the last 30 years. We have dedicated ourselves to making it fun for everyone in America – from children barely taller than the tables to retired seniors.

COVID hit everyone hard in 2020. It pains us to see so many clubs closing and table tennis enthusiasts locked up at home. We came up with this idea of a FREE SITE to connect Pongers to clubs so people can start playing safely. As our country returns to normal, it is our mission to connect you – the Pongers – with more resources that can help you improve your game while having fun.

By the way, did we say we want to get lots of kids to play table tennis? Many of the club owners we work with donate space to us so we can organize youth table tennis events. Every hour you book equals 3 minutes of time for our events. We know it doesn’t sound like a lot – but it adds up! But, If you are in a giving mode don’t stop there, you can also support the ping pong revolution by donating to the American Youth Table Tennis Organization. Every donation to AYTTO helps give kids who never had the chance before the ability to play.

Pong on and Enjoy!