Open Play Table Tennis

$18 for 3 Hour Max.  4 Tables.  Members play for free

From: $10.00

Description: Tiger B badminton T raining Center strives to create a great environment to learn, train, and play the sport of badminton and table tennis. The two sports is a fun and exciting way to boosts one's physical, mental, and social well being. TBTC encourages people of all ages to try the sport of badminton or table tennis.

No. of Tables: 4

Max Capacity: 40

Ceiling Height: 27

Square Footage: 4500

Business Hours:

Monday to Thursday:12pm-12am; Friday: 12pm-6pm(summer); Saturday:8pm-12am(summer), 4:30pm-12am(winter); Sunday:9am-12am


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Terms and Conditions

1) Please reserve time above or send an e-mail to:, or call: 646-577-3351

2) Wear face masks at all times

3) Keep 6 feet apart in the rest area

4) Everyone will have a temperature test

5) Anyone with virus-like symptoms will be not allowed entry into the club