League Play

From: $8.00

Description: A “We Are Butterfly” affiliated club. Six professional-quality tables, barriers, great lighting, high ceilings, and a wooden floor provide a great environment for the sport. A robot is available on practice nights (and on league nights when all the tables are not full). ​ Coaches are permitted to run lessons on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (and other days before or after league play). The Leagues are a great way to push yourself, and a great way to meet people. The Monday "A" League is for advanced players, and the Tuesday "B" League is for all players (including intermediate and beginning players). 

No. of Tables: 6

Max Capacity: 50

Ceiling Height: 14

Square Footage: 1800

Special Message: Adults $7; Juniors and Seniors $5; Under 10 yo $2; League nights ALL players $8

Business Hours:

NORMAL HOURS: Mon-Thu 6:45PM-10:30PM Sat 1:30PM-5PM. Sun (Juniors only)


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