League Play

Thu 8pm-11pm; Sun 11am-2pm

From: $15.00

Description: Nison Aronov: USSR champion of 1982; 8-time man-single champion of Tajikistan; quarter-finalist man-singles USA: 2001; 2-time bronze double USA: 2001, 2002; US finalist in doubles: 2005; US champion in doubles over 40: 2005; The Best Lobber in USA: 2002.

No. of Tables: 8

Max Capacity: 50

Ceiling Height: 10

Square Footage: 1000

Special Message: New York City requires you to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter our club Those 12 years of age and older must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination To find out where to get a free COVID-19 vaccine visit nyc.gov/vaccinefinder or call 877-829-4692

Business Hours:

M-F 4:30-11:00pm; Sat 9am-6pm Sun 9am-330pm League (Thu 8pm-11pm; Sun 11am-2pm)


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