Friday Night League $12 non member, $5 member, or $25 per year

From: $12.00

Description: Table Tennis & More (TT&M) was founded by Len Winkler back in 1996. It was originally a full time club, and downsized to a garage. Years later, Len moved to Hawaii and started TT&M out there and left his son, Matt Winkler, to take over TT&M in Phoenix. Matt opened his own full time club in 2015, dedicated to building a competitive group of players, kids and adults. In September of 2022, Matt moved the club to Gilbert, AZ and upgraded to 10 tables. The club is open 7 days a week, with plenty of open play, group training, private lessons, leagues, and tournaments. TT&M sells professional equipment, such as Butterfly, Xiom, Donic, Gambler & more. We sell Ping Pong Tables, Ping Pong Robots, Paddles, Blades, Rubbers, Balls etc. Contact us to find out prices of all equipment or come in and see what’s in stock.

No. of Tables: 10

Max Capacity: 24

Ceiling Height: 20

Square Footage: 6000

Business Hours:

MONDAY: 10AM-5PM (Jr. Group Training ONLY 5PM-6PM) 7PM-10PM TUESDAY: 10AM-4:30PM (Group Training ONLY 4:30PM-6:30PM) 6:30PM-10PM WEDNESDAY: 10AM-5PM (Jr. Group Training ONLY 5PM-6PM) THURSDAY: 10AM-4:30PM (Group Training ONLY 4:30PM-6:30PM) 7PM-10PM FRIDAY: 6PM-7PM (League ONLY 7PM-10PM) SATURDAY: 10AM-5PM SUNDAY: 10AM-2PM


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