Day Pass


$6/ Half Hour/Person/ Play

$30/One Day Pass/Person

$5/One Paddle Rental/Use

From: $30.00

Description: The coaching staff of Origin Table Tennis Academy, led by Coach Yutian Wang, consists of outstanding table tennis athletes with distinguished credentials in coaching, having trained young athletes ranging from Ivy League caliber students to USA National Youth Team members. With the goal of physical education through table tennis, Origin TTA dedicates itself to the growth and development of every student. As a physical activity, table tennis has extraordinary benefits to the training of a child's vision, reflexes, focused attention, movement, and hand-eye coordination. For a great start to a wonderful journey in table tennis, Origin TTA is the best choice for you and your children. “As the head coach of the Club, it is my job along with our devoted team to provide members, their families, and their guests with a comfortable home away from home to relax and enjoy the surroundings and amenities. Origin TTA provides the best of what a sports academy club should be in every sense. Origin TTA members and guests enjoy a "Healthy for Life" philosophy. We have embarked on a number of health and wellness initiatives and continue to improve upon them every year. Our promise is to serve only the very best. I look forward to welcoming you to the Origin Table Tennis Academy Club.” — Yutian Wang

No. of Tables: 5

Max Capacity: 60

Ceiling Height: 11

Square Footage: 1000

Business Hours:

Monday 09:30am - 09:00pm Tuesday 03:00pm- 09:00pm Wednesday 09:30am - 09:00pm Thursday 03:00pm- 09:00pm Friday 09:30am - 09:00pm Saturday 09:30am- 07:00pm Sunday 09:30am - 01:00pm


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