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Description: Many refer to it as pingpong, but ask serious players and they say the name is table tennis. It’s a real sport that gives you a real workout, said Thomas N. Smith, president of the Fitchburg Table Tennis Club. The club, founded in 1986 by Chris Kalagher of Southboro, meets three[two] nights a week at the Veterans Center, 100 West St. “Pingpong is something people play in their basements,” said Mr. Smith. “This is a national organization. We’re semiserious here, but clubs in Waltham and in Boston are real serious.” Anyone at any skill level is welcome to drop in and play when the club meets from 7 to 10 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays, said Mr. Smith. About 25 people are in the club, attracting members from across Central Massachusetts, including Worcester. A $5 fee per person covers the cost of equipment and rent for the meetings. EAST/VALLEY Night court convening at table tennis club Paula J. Owen TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF

No. of Tables: 4

Max Capacity: 16

Ceiling Height: 15

Square Footage: 1000

Business Hours:

Monday 7PM - 10PM Thursday 7PM - 10PM


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