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Description: The Waimea Table Tennis Club is the granddaddy of them all on Hawai'i Island. Started back in 1996 by John Romoa, Jerry Shapiro, & Peter Weinstock, the club had humble beginnings. They organized a small tournament where some players from Hilo came to play; players that started playing at U of H in Hilo. The Waimea Club soon grew with the help of Clyde Young, Yen Wen Fang, along with Tim Woollard, John Buck, and Lesi Sekona. Thanks to all the pioneers that trail blazed the path for table tennis, as we know it, on The Big Island. The Waimea TTC meets every Monday and Wednesday, 3:30-6:30pm. There is no charge to play and we have paddles and balls you can use. We invite players of all skill levels, including real beginners and players of all ages, male or female. We are happy to assist you in any questions you have about the sport of table tennis/ping pong. Come on down and have some fun.

No. of Tables: 6

Max Capacity: 24

Ceiling Height: 14

Square Footage: 1200

Business Hours:

Opens Mondays & Wednesdays 3:30-6:30PM


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