Day Pass

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Description: In Rochester, Minnesota, you’ll find the Rochester Table Tennis Club (RTTC), which is the first club in the city dedicated to the sport of table tennis. Founded in June 2003 by a group of local players, the RTTC offers more than just a place to play. Here are some highlights: Youth Development Program: The club fosters an environment for young players to develop their skills. Training Clinics and Individualized Lessons: Members can benefit from training clinics and personalized coaching. Tournaments: RTTC sponsors both large and small tournaments. Facility: The club boasts a beautiful, spacious facility with 16 professional-quality Butterfly tables. Nonprofit Organization: The RTTC is organized as a nonprofit organization in the State of Minnesota and is affiliated with USA Table Tennis (USATT)1. If you’re interested in playing table tennis, competitive league play, or participating in their Junior Development Program, the RTTC is the place to be! 🏓

No. of Tables: 16

Max Capacity: 64

Ceiling Height: 16

Square Footage: 5000

Business Hours:

April 9 Tuesday 7-9:30 PM April 16 Tuesday 7-9:30 PM April 23 Tuesday 7-9:30 PM April 30 Tuesday 7-9:30 PM May 7 No Play May 14 Tuesday 7-9:30 PM May 21 Tuesday 7-9:30 PM May 28 Tuesday 7-9:30 PM June 5 Wednesday 7-9:30 PM June 12 Wednesday 7-9:30 PM June 18 Tuesday 7-9:30 PM June 26 Wednesday 7-9:30 PM


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