Day Pass

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Description: Michigan Table Tennis Academy (MTTA) is housed inside a multiple sport complex called Sparc area in Novi; Our Mission: we aims to awaken an interest in table tennis at an early age and develop it as a lifelong activity. Our goal is to make table tennis a popular sport in Michigan and put Michigan on the map in table tennis nationally.

No. of Tables: 6

Max Capacity: 30

Ceiling Height: 18

Square Footage: 2000

Business Hours:

Monday, 6–10:30 PM Tuesday, 10 AM–3 PM, 4–10:30 PM Wednesday, 5–10:30 PM Thursday, 10 AM–3 PM, 4–10:30 PM Friday, 6–10:30 PM Saturday, 11 AM–8 PM Sunday, 11 AM–8 PM


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